Princess Torch

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Princess Torch - a dramatic decorative outdoor gas lamp. The Princess Torch creates a natural venturi without the use of electricity or a fan. This natural venturi effect causes the flame to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls.

Created as a decorative outdoor furnishing for a wide array of exterior settings and applications, the Princess Torch is designed to be the ultimate in lighting enhancement. The display possibilities are nearly endless: outdoor living spaces, retail or business store fronts, front walkways and lighting pool areas. They can be mounted onto movable bases, permanent post, pillars or on an exterior wall by an entry.

The Princess Torch is available in both manual light or IPI electric ignition models.

Manual light mode features easy access control panel with Piezo igniter for easy lighting and high to low flame control.


- Maximum 20,000 BTU Input

- Removable Rain Cap

- Tempered Glass (easy to remove and clean)

- Stainless Steel Construction

- Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve for Safety

- Wet Weather Lighting Port for Positive Ignition

Installation Options: - For Outdoor Installation Only - For Fixed Line Installations Only - Wall Mount - Post Mount - Pier Mount

The electric IPI model features:

• Consumers can easily light numerous torches with the flip of a switch!
• Electronic ignition allows installation of up to 25 torches on a single 15 amp circuit from a single switch
• Can be used with remote control, programmable timer or SmartHome system. 
• More Torches can be installed on a larger amperage circuit line.                                    


• Comes with Torch Head, Stainless Steel Base, Glass, Control Module, Wire Harness and 12” Flex line and ball valve to connect gas inlet to the control module.