Automated Tiki Torches

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40.00 LBS

Scottsdale Series:

Copper Cone – 16 gauge Spun Copper Cone, Stainless Steel Base and Burner Section

Black Cone - 12 gauge Spun Aluminum Cone, Stainless Steel Base – High Heat Powder Coat

Fin Style – Steel Fins and Base, Stainless Steel Burner Section

Electronic Ignition System (24 volt ac) housed in the base / burner housed in the upper section

Pole & Base

Aluminum Pole, Powder Coated

Description: Aluminum Tubing powder coated Black

Excellent Corrosion Resistance in the outdoors.

Note: Metal Poles DO come with a base pole that is

installed in the ground to support the metal pole extending

above ground. See tiki torch installation instructions for

more details.